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In this document, we’ll cover some of the most common causes and potential solutions. The server and client are both running version 1. again, we don't want to have port 25 open to all on that specific IP as we have another one for that. Something is either not right with the certificate chain or the connection is not ok for some reason. micro, naked; no yum updates), and I cannot reach the consul UI externally from the instance. You need not to set the port number in this case for HTTP Requester. When I looked the listener. Connecting to (ip-address):21 failed: Connection refused. RMI thinks your server's ip address is 127.

net. I have curl installed on my machine. server. There is a problem it seems only with windows 2000 users accessing my site. Error: Could not connect to server. There is something wrong with your ip configuration. If I could find a way to delete this post I would. SocketException: Connection refused" Hello, I installed a cluster with two nodes (Prox1 and Prox2) in unicast mode.

$ sudo tcpdump -n host 192. OK, I Understand This message (Connection refused: connect; No available router to destination) is a kind of "catch-all" exception message. So that you can get to know How we Fix & Solve This Webpage is not Available ERR CONNECTION REFUSED Issue from your Google Chrome Browser on your Windows PC & Android Your first port of call should always be to check whether the issue lies with the web page itself. 1. 1) Check the HTTP client connection. Hi @paramitadas. I gave the server a restart and now I am prompted If you have another Linux OS that can connect to the server try openssl s_client -connect servername:443 and post back the output. here are my Global Variables, Please refer the attached screenshot: [global.

I have a WYSE thin client S10, firmware 7. it appears to be multiple LAN addresses on high port numbers to desintation ports 80 or 443 different public IPs (eth1). g. 1 Purpose. Hello. We use cookies for various purposes including analytics. An FTP connection to “atdesignla. We need to figure out what driver is using up all the NPP memory and address it, and the Connections_Refused should naturally go away because NPP memory will not be under pressure.

peace and take care. 22 that I'm trying to get onto a Citrix XenApp 6. This will make sure if there is an issue with the SSL cert that is being used. I am running XAMPP (Apache, MySQL and PHP) on my Windows Vista computer. Java. 123. I am doing everything the same as I was doing 2 months ago to log in and work in sas but for some reason, it isn't working anymore. If you still cannot connect to the Enterprise Console, please check the following: Make sure a local software firewall does not block the connection.

IO ERROR - invoke Connection refused KB 21816 Last updated on 2015-07-11 Last updated by Jorge de la Cruz 0. I found that telnet localhost 9000 gives the same error, which is what I This site can’t be reached - localhost refused to connect. The MySQL server is not down. 4. Easy to manage. I am very frustrating that I am a freelancer and have to show my work to client but its delay to show because of this issue, whenever connect or whenever not connect. Moreover, any idle connection should be closed because of the setting exec-timeout 5 0 . To try and resolve the ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED message, you can: Check to see whether the page itself has gone down.

0. Help! On both servers I was getting connection refused about every 6 days. 10061 "Connection Refused", from Eudora, Agent, and Outlook Express. I can connect with Command Prompt. I have searched high and low and tried everything I could find but alas still no luck. when I access the gui of Prox1 I can not see or install anything on Replace 123. 04100). You may get this message when connecting to a server for following reasons: You are trying to use WinSCP for a purpose for which it Connection refused is often either a network issue or the wrong user name and password.

This site contains user submitted content, comments and opinions and is for informational purposes only. Possible Causes of java. Hello all, I have a brand new install on Ubuntu 16. My I followed official guide for installing openstack ICEHOUSE on ubunto. And neither https or http work for cPanel or WHM. Too many simultaneous connections ASP. <doman_name>. Connection refused.

You can refer my previous answer where I have removed the port number from HTTP Requester and it is working fine. . I was trying to get Hadoop working in standalone mode on my MBP (OS 10. Hello, Up until last month or so, I have been able to run my server without fail, able to connect to it and for my friends to connect to it as well. 12. SSH - Connection Refused I've googled left and right, but haven't found any answers. I would clear the browser cache and cookies So, to solve this issue, follow the below steps. 4 on Linux and postgres server is running and I successfully created database on local I've installed elasticsearch 2.

sap. 1 and I just can't seem to get any sort of response out of it, never mind setting up Nginx and Kibana etc, curl: (7)Failed to connect to localhost port 9200: Connection refused Here is the output of the system status: nadmin@anon:~$ sudo systemctl status elasticsearch â elasticsearch. Dear Joao Pauulo Pinheiro, I am facing the same problem with my Cisco IronPort S170. the URL http: connection refused This message (Connection refused: connect; No available router to destination) is a kind of "catch-all" exception message. what can i do about this? thanks a lot compadres and comadres. 000 administrators have chosen PRTG to monitor their network. It worked immediately. It happened before in November and disappeared.

Well webmail as well. Connection refused Categories Featured, Guides Tags ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED, Fix ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED, Google chrome ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED Post navigation How To Build A Motorized Monitor Lift For Your Desk On a Budget! connection refused during update If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. It's a vanilla server. OR; The SELinux (Security-Enhanced Linux) configuration on your Apache proxy Linux host is blocking outbound connections originating from the httpd (Apache) service. Apple may provide or recommend responses as a possible solution based on the information provided; every potential issue may involve several factors not detailed in the conversations captured in an electronic forum and Apple can therefore provide no guarantee as to the i have a problem everytime i open production SAP. On the Standard I stopped the Symantec Veritas’s Continuous Protection Server and they have been up for 29 days with no problems. filezilla-project. I found that telnet localhost 9000 gives the same error, which is what I Hello, Setup a new LRT224 and we are noticing a lot of "Connection Refused - Policy violation" messages in the Firewall Log.

tc. sshd is running, and I use firestarter and have port 22 open to SSH, and everything else (like pinging) between the two computers works. Most time you have DNS issue or maybe an wrong Domain name suffix. NET Developer / Failed to load resource: net::ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED Failed to load resource: net::ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED [Answered] RSS 6 replies Network Error: Connection Refused problem 2008-05-26 17:00. I can ftp and sftp using an ftp client like filezilla. I get it! Ads are annoying but they help keep this website running. By continuing to browse, you agree to our use of cookies. 5), but I kept getting "connection refused" errors.

core. 1, service sapdp00) WSAECONNREFUSED: Connection refused The detailed message is Re: SSH connection refused It sounds like you may not have created the crypto key pairs for SSH. If the problem is with your own connection, on the other hand, you’ll need to put in a little work to get things back up and running. 6 ZCS 8. Dynamics Confessor Dallas, TX, United States Leslie Vail has been working as a Dynamics GP consultant for over 20 years. A2. 9. So follow below solutions to fix this problem.

If you have tried all above methods and the “Err Connection Refused” problem still exist, you should reset your IP address and clear DNS cache. I came in to work today and the first time I tried to connect with ftp and ssh it worked perfectly. Hi Radek, I managed to find a solution by adding a proxy for docker. When a connection is attempted to an IP:port where nothing is listening, the response from the remote system to the initial SYN packet is a packet with the flags RST,ACK set. I am using the format global-ip:port when connecting but I've also tried just using the ip address. If I send emails to this contact from another email account it works without the fatal message but it will not work from my Hotmail. We empower people to transform complex data into clear and actionable insights. exec-timeout 5 0 ssh Connection refused how to troubleshoot, ssh Connection refused fix, ssh Connection refused linux, ssh Connection refused ubuntu, troubleshoot ssh issues.

I followed every step by step guide perfectly but everytime I would try to connect I would get “connection refused error”. ADS user, etc. I am not knowingly making any changes to my configuration when the problem comes and goes. . 2 Date : Tue Aug 6 16:22:22 2002 use tcptraceroute or nmap at the remote machine. 20. Net. It is hard to keep the site running and producing … Continue reading "PostgreSQL psql: could not connect to server: Connection refused" Unfortunately, the SSH connection is still refused sometimes for a secret reason.

- IHS was using 100% of its threads and ~500 extra connection attempts were already queued up and this one was finally refused by the OS. Paul, generally the "actively refused" errors come up when connection is attempted to wrong port number. There are a few main causes why you get ECONNREFUSED – Connection refused by server in FileZilla FTP client. ConnectException: Connection refused: connect. John. Connection Error: ECONNREFUSED - Connection refused by the server. Please give us feedback no matter whether you get your answer. ConnectException: Connection refused Hello all, I have a brand new install on Ubuntu 16.

caused by: java. $ export http_proxy='proxy_server_ip:8080' Use colon ( : ) as delimiter between ip/host and port number. Out of 252 records one failed to connect sharefile saying “Connection refused’, can you please help us out to nail down why it happened. I am trying to get SSH to work just between two Ubuntu desktops on a local LAN. * Check the proxy settings to make sure that they are correct. Hi guys I was running a simple xml request in JMeter to call one of the public weather webservice and it complains about "Non HTTP response > So when i try to connect to the server thru my router it says [connection > refused] but when i try to connect going straight from my cable modem i can > get in. com” could not be opened because the connection was refused. 8 Connections 8.

SYS is basically telling us "someone is using up a lot of NPP memory, and for protective reasons, I am going to stop accepting requests". 200. jar file located in C:\Users\user\AppData\Roaming. Users are unable to connect to my server, they are getting ECONNREFUSED. 1 in EC2, on Amazon Linux ami-607bd917 (eu-west-1, t2. 5 farm. jar file itself. If you try to start the Planner or Exelerator on Cognos Express ( On BI Server try to connect from client to Cognos Connection) you get "Error" 'Connection refused: connect'.

ConnectException: Connection refused" exception On googling i figured, such problems are either due to one of the following - The port is wrong (cannot be this option, as same url running perfectly from local system) - Firewall is stopping it. HTTP request sent, awaiting response 200 OK And the received file contains what I expect ("hello world" :). She began with version 1. The connection refused message suggests that the URL above is not pointed to the correct server. I'm trying to connect to my Cyber Power UPS web based management software (PPBE) but keep receiving: This site can’t be reached localhost refused to connect. Can ping server, but connection refused for http requests (self. Usually people trak this with mod_mpmstats, server-status, or netstat. ConnectException: Connection refused: connect exception, which is quite common in client server architecture and comes, when clients tries to make TCP connection and either server is down or host port information is not correct.

service - Elasticsearch I am working as a Technical Architect in one of the top IT consulting firm. If using the SSL authentication, check and verify if the SSL cert is valid or not. Please Connecting to probe. Categories Featured, Guides Tags ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED, Fix ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED, Google chrome ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED Post navigation How To Build A Motorized Monitor Lift For Your Desk On a Budget! httpclient connection refused By AnotherJavaGuy. The application could not log on to the server "localhost:8591". ECONNREFUSED (79) "Connection refused" message in the db2diag. Try connecting to the server from another device (preferrably from a Wifi connection), if your connection is refused from that other device as well, then it is almost definitely a server configuration issue and this question should be asked on SuperUser or ServerFault. @Woet.

Prior to persistent connections, a separate TCP connection was established to fetch each URL, increasing the load on HTTP servers and causing congestion on the Internet. ConnectException: Connection refused exception clearly indicates that the program you are executing is trying to connect to server side but a successful connection cannot be established. Is there any thing that i can config on my router to get thru? Your router is not causing that. By continuing to use Pastebin, you agree to our use of cookies as described in the Cookies Policy. I have a website I am trying to test that while in dev requires accessing a URL to authenticate to get a session cookie and then re-directs to the application. If you run dig or ping to bitbucket. The units are getting "Connection Refused" when attempting to connect. ConnectException: Connection refused For RMI, Client-Server architecture, and HTTP, most obvious protocol to establish network connection includes TCP.

I am thinking it maybe the 'crypto key generate rsa' command is missing? You should now be able to connect with the Enterprise Console. Oh good Lord! In all my attempts to get the async to work, I didn't notice I had the wrong port. Please "mark as answer" if it's useful for you Sincerely, Jerome What does it mean how do i fix ive tried to restart pc and internet the only way i can access my bukkit server is my ip and not the ones the players use can you help Apps Http Connection refused on calling the results both in VS2012 environment or just on the browser using for e. I am getting "[Errno 111] Connection refused" error, I have faced this same issue many times in past and i use to reinstall from scratch, but after sometime again i will end up in same problem. We're having the exact same trouble, but opening up traffic from all IPs is not an acceptable answer, the only traffic we want coming in should be from Exchange Online. org Connection established, waiting for welcome message. 0 in 1993. 10.

Help! Hi, I have succesfully deployed a web. failed: Connection refused. However, the situation can quickly become frustrating if you try to fix it without any information. I have tried everything (restart linux, restart ssh) yet still does not help. Sockets. I have then succesfully deployed the same JBoss instance into another machine outside my office. But this is just a guess, having full Enteprise Manager logs our support engineers should be able to tell more. This is a permissions issue: " No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it" This, this I went and unpaired my windows laptop from my phone and retried an insecure connection.

I have SAVCE installed as well ver 10. java. This usually results from trying to connect to a service that is inactive on the foreign host—that is, one with no server application running. Find out how you can reduce cost, increase QoS and ease planning, as well. Please help me on this. One of the most persistent errors is the message “ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED”, which should be well known to most Chrome users. line vty 0 5. OK, I Understand consuming web API and i am connected with internet but still getting same exception.

The installation went fine with no errors. png] i tried to change my host name bye localhost even my pc name, but it stil giving the same error Sudip is a student who loves to engage with the latest technology & gadgets. yet there they were, all of my computers were shown as being paired devices. No server is available at that port on that machine. NET uses the Windows HTTP Client connection and SSL support/proxy routing is handled (usually) through that. – Alexandru-Florin Vintiloiu Jul 20 '13 at 22:22 | If the internal device does not have an application running that is ready to accept the incoming connection, it will send a TCP RST packet back to the source, which is generally described as a "Connection refused". NET / jQuery for the ASP. Apart from writing about all things technology, he is a Photoshop junkie and a football enthusiast.

Response: 220 FZ router and firewall tester ready Hello, I need some help on this issue. I used WinSCP to access a IPCOP box and it worked very fine, but since I updated the client machine Since then, I have created other EC2 instances, following the same guide, using both RHEL and CentOS; however, when trying to connect via VNC I get the error: The connection was refused by the host computer. It happened last week and just disappeared. check if you have firewall check if your webservice server is rnning Do you have HTTPS authentication? If you need username passwd, have you supplied them ? Connection refused while attempting to connect to (www. This site can’t be reached - localhost refused to connect. Your first port of call should always be to check whether the issue lies with the web page itself. So, check out how to fix ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED in Chrome. png] i tried to change my host name bye localhost even my pc name, but it stil giving the same error Hi, I recorded a number of requests.

There may be a number of causes, but essentially the application or server is attempting to establish a connection, but is unable to. with the first you will see where the connection to the Redhat telnet port stops, with the second you will see all the open ports on the remote machine. BW-HTTP-100300 An IOException was thrown while trying to execute the Http method. 00 (0 votes) Verified in: ZCS 8. You may have to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed. service - Elasticsearch I am getting a "java. One Server is Small Business Server 2003 Standard and the other is Small Business Server 2003 Premium. My apologies.

I receive a "Connection refused due to abuse" message when I try to send an email to a contact. They are Intuitive to Use. The system is based on the echoserver example from ml507_bsb_std_ip Subject: Re: telnet giving "connection refused" on redhat 7. I have expertise on all versions of SQL Server since SQL Server 2000. The wget on the server I'm executing this command on works as I can connect to another server and grab files and folders. I have a working net connection and can ping the mail server, I HTTP. This website uses cookies for analytics, personalisation and advertising. That is what fixed my problem to when I received that same 'Linux Error:111:Connection refused' message upon trying to start the listener, the first time.

I'm pretty sure that there was no opening SSH connections when I attempted to connect because it's only me who has an login account to router. I configured all of the settings for three nodes [networking , compute, controller]. Connection refused through HTTP and SSH - WSA. I am running consul 0. 7) with GUI6. Now I'm no longer sure what being "paired" means - I never entered any code or asked the system to pair with those devices. This closes the connection and causes the Connection Refused message e. 2082 , 2086 , 2095 report "Connection refused" , Whilst the secure ones just result in "Documnet contains no Data" This is off firefox.

log for the db2hmon process. PDFObjectRuntimeException: Service call exception; nested exception is: \tjav Internet connection refused by the proxy server The proxy server is refusing connections Firefox is configured to use a proxy server that is refusing connections. To learn more or change your cookie settings, please read our Cookie Policy. com Status: Connection attempt failed with "ECONNREFUSED - Connection refused by server". Anyone can do a quick search on Google, Bing, or another SE just as anyone can click the link at the top of the page labeled "Tutorials" and search the existing database of guides offered by DigitalOcean. Microsoft has had problems with the same kind of problem on a windows 2000 server, and has alot to say about fixing this issue. hostname RMI will now use the server's hostname instead of trying to determine the ip address. Internet connection refused by the proxy server The proxy server is refusing connections Firefox is configured to use a proxy server that is refusing connections.

I assume that when you say you have "Altered the Firewall" you mean that you only allowed connections to the Java. Once you have your applications running on these ports, the port forward test should succeed. When I try to curl my localhost in the command prompt, I get the following: curl -v -i Still received the connection refused. Thank you for your help. 1 Persistent Connections 8. However, when I try to connect using the SAP GUI, the system gives me the following message: partner not reached (host 127. <tld>, do you get a response and is it pointed at the correct IP address? I have the following problem SSH "connection refused". You could test the connection using Basic authentication.

I gave the server a restart and now I am prompted Java tutorial to troubleshoot and fix java. Java tutorial to troubleshoot and fix java. Apple Footer. NET Forums / General ASP. exec-timeout 5 0 Connect Error: Connect to Host XXXX Port XXXX error: NIECONN_REFUSED (Message No. This is usually another firewall that is between the ISA or TMG that has a rule that allows only the IP of one particular system through to the published resource. Telnet works fine ofcourse. This.

So the server I'm trying to connect to is refusing connections. address) I have an Asp. Replace 123. May you please advise how you While running my webdynpro is constantly get: connection refused. 200 ECONNREFUSED (79) "Connection refused" message in the db2diag. Hi Guys, All of a sudden my httpclient implementation is giving me a "Connection refused: connect But no such line appears in the Apache log when the gitlab-runner fails to clone the repository. log had grown to 2. May 6, I received the same msg ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED and was blocked from doing any searches.

Do you have a firewall? If you have a firewall and are not sure if that is the cause of the problem, you could (temporarily) disable the firewall and see if you can make a connection. 1 RFC 2616 Fielding, et al. (But I could listen to and watch Youtube videos!) I don't know what your computer said, but I am running Google Chrome on windows 7 and above the message it said to: 1) Click on the Chrome Menu (the 2 bars in upper right hand corner of the Google Home page. Network error: Connection refused. raspberry_pi) submitted 3 years ago * by fong_hofmeister I am trying to stream sensor readings via libcurl from my Pi to a server and even though I can ping the server, the connection is refused. Connection to server is being refused both when added and using direct connect. The message says to contact my email provider. Connection refused errors can be encountered for several reasons.

So, it seems to be a networking issue. It looks like it has something to do with Firewall not allowing traffic to the 1. Regards, Darshan Shroff shroffdarshan@gmail. 123 and 7010 with the actual IP address and port of your WLS Admin Server. this is URL when i open in browser its working fine but from android its getting exception connection refused. Please help! Data can make what is impossible today, possible tomorrow. When I reached part to create Initial networks ==>external networks. Nevertheless, access to the Apache service is filtered neither by the local firewall nor by the Apache configuration.

2. (Contact the server administrator for more information. More. pdfobject. What can i do more? com. @AlanC's C# example works on Windows -- seemingly without proxy setup -- because . It would work fine, but while I am working on the SSH, I would get "connection refused" and would have to re-connect (which does not occur for good 5-10 minutes). 7.

Make sure a local virus protection program does not block the connection. part of Hypertext Transfer Protocol -- HTTP/1. It’s possible that either your firewall or anti-virus software is preventing FileZilla from connecting to the server. war inside a JBoss 7. Following is an example. Create a systemd drop-in directory for the docker service: Fix zclient. On some routers and switches I am getting connection refused when trying to SSH to them. Every thing was going fine until I reached networking section.

Re: Connection refused Neeraj Upadhyay Apr 24, 2017 5:33 AM ( in response to Raj Guru ) Can you please put the screen shot of the connection details from the test connection page You opened a thread "Connection failed: [Errno 111] Connection refused to" to which you received a couple of responses from me and Ashnee Sharma it's a good habit to acknowledge whether a solution resolved your issue so other members facing the same situation could use the solution. Since it is only happening with one site I suspect it is on their end and there is no way to find out. * Contact your network administrator to make sure the proxy server is working. In troubleshooting this, we usually find that the problem is with an intermediate networking device. ) I have been in touch with both the company that houses my website and my internet provider. "System. When I try to replay them, I get the following error: WebFormPost(WinSock: 10061 - Connection refused, HTTP. Connection refused in SOAP UI Feb 24, 2014 at 08:26 PM | 386 Views .

some body can help me on this If you're running I've installed elasticsearch 2. webdynpro. JavaWorld | PT. exes but NOT the actual 1. Response: 220 FZ router and firewall tester ready So that you can get to know How we Fix & Solve This Webpage is not Available ERR CONNECTION REFUSED Issue from your Google Chrome Browser on your Windows PC & Android Table Of ContentsWhat Is ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED?Possible Fix Number 1Possible Fix Number 2 Related Posts: Whereas some errors affect certain operating systems, others relate to websites of Internet web browsers no matter what operating system you are using. Port seems to be open, but connection refused. Hi, I've installed SAP R/3 4. Everything was working well during set up.

1 and port 22222 Fix Your Connection Is Not Private On Google Chrome; Fix Err_Name_Not_Resolved Error; Reset Your IP Address And Clear DNS Cache To Fix Err_Connection_Refused. rmi. I understand, though the community exists for a reason. All is fine. Specify your proxy server name (or) ip-address (along with any port number if necessary) in the http_proxy variable as shown below. It's the game server that refuses your connection (based on IP, most likely). Hi, I installed Postgres 8. 1G, so needless to say we have a cron to write.

could not connect to server: Connection refused (0x0000274D/10061). Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. What could cause a "Connection refused" to SQLDB/DB2 after some time? Question by Michel Jaczynski ( 239 ) | Apr 01, 2014 at 01:29 PM sqldb ibmcloud I have deployed an WAS Liberty/ JPA application. Looks like everything is configured. I tested on IE, And it just does not load. Forgive me if i don't add all the required information here as I am new to Neoload. minecraft\versions(version). J wrote: Couple things to check: 1>Make sure you can ping to Windows system from FAN (or the system you have FAN installed on) 2>For NSClient, make sure you have ports open on the Windows Firewall (or similar) to allow traffic to travel to and from your FAN box.

1 and in my dev environment everything works fine. They both say it’s the other companies issue and have not offered any help beyond that. Usually, the problem lies on the visitor’s end and they can correct it themselves. This happens every time not only for me all my peers also facing the same issue on their lab setup. Before trying to utilize SSH, you must create your RSA/DSA key pairs (private and public keys used for asymmetric encryption/decryption). bat (on the SERVER side !)-Djava. there's a message that says "WSAECONNREFUSED (10061) Connection refused". sh or run.

6C on my local machine (Win2000 server OS, Oracle 8. Export HTTP_PROXY Variable. On Linux, you definitely need those SSL certificates set up. 1 You can check this by adding the following parameter to the java command in run. Hi All, I have a ECC to third party web service interface where I'm using Proxy on the sender I am very frustrating that I am a freelancer and have to show my work to client but its delay to show because of this issue, whenever connect or whenever not connect. Non HTTP response message: Connection refused: connect. Every time i try to log on to my server this message keeps popping up! I can join other servers just fine but i cant seem to join mine! Please Help! Unfortunately, the SSH connection is still refused sometimes for a secret reason. 5 Hi guys, I'm running a brand new Pi3B and I used the all in one installer and followed along with the blog post here ssh: connect to host port 22: Connection refused Hi guys, I am experiencing the following problem: I just installed a c7000 enclosure with 3 blades.

lwIP: Connection refused Hello, i have a ppc design with xilkernel as os and lwIP as TCP/IP stack. net application hosted on a 2003 server. There is two best way to fix the ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED error, and the first one is using CMD command prompt and second is changing the DNS addresses. When run T-code SE38, Execute program RSCMSTH0 with the repository name e. connection refused http

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